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PlatinumVisionSM - IT Managers are challenged by the necessity of managing a growing number of IT resources - networks, systems, databases, applications - distributed over global organizations. The ability to commit on Service Levels and immediately detect and adequately react to alert conditions is critical in today's heterogeneous corporations. An enterprise management solution must cope with the distributed nature of IT resources and provide fault-tolerant capabilities in a dynamic environment. The availability of PlatinumVision™ in the marketplace allows System Management Professionals to provide proactive Service Level Management while ensuring no single point of failure and end-to-end availability management.

A PlatinumVision deployment captures the semantics of events close to the source of the event and performs a majority of operations locally. Only events that have global impact or affect other sources are propagated to other cells, thus preventing event storms and reducing network usage.

The PlatinumVision solution is the ideal intelligent mid-level manager that seamlessly integrates with Tivoli Enterprise Console™ and BMC Software Patrol®

Key Benefits of PlatinumVision

  • Breaks all Performance Barriers in Event Processing Speed
  • Processes an Unlimited Number of Events
  • Enhances Firewall Security
  • Utilizes Existing Management Infrastructure (Tivoli and BMC Software)
  • Intuitive, 3rd Generation Language Deploys in Minutes not Months

Key Features of PlatinumVision

  • Unlimited Scalability without Performance Degradation
  • Fully Redundant Management without Dedicated Hardware/RDBMS
  • Instant Impact Analysis
  • Total Control on Distributed Service Levels
  • Graphical Zero-In and Drill-Down to Problems
  • Manage from Anywhere with Java Application

The PlatinumVision solution introduces the new CEPA (Cellular Event Processing Architecture) methodology. The CEPA structure fits smoothly between the classical two-tier solutions. A meshed network of Event Processors (Cells) distributes intelligent processing and response, escalating only the most crucial consolidated information to the central tools. Each Cell is an autonomous software entity with its own processing capability, associated knowledge base and event repository. Cells process forwarded events in nine phases, including refining, filtering, regulation, abstraction, and correlation (root-cause analysis).

The event processor which is the base engine of PlatinumVision is a result of our partnership. The engine allows PlatinumVision to provide high-speed collection and processing of events in any environment. The entire PlatinumVision solution is exclusively brought to you by PLATINUM the solutions company.

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Below is the Graphical representation of how the MasterCell™ within PlatinumVision™ handles events:

Below is the Graphical representation of how the PlatinumVision™ hirearchy works:

Below is the Graphical representation of how the MasterCell works within our PlatinumVision™ solution:

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