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PlatinumVirtue Performance

Your computer systems support nearly every aspect of your business. And as an IT management professional, you want your employees and your customers to experience flawless performance with every system interaction. There's only one way to achieve that level of quality: PlatinumVirtue

PlatinumVirtue is based on Six Sigma, which creates an optimized level of performance that approaches zero-defects when providing a service or producing a product. Throughout PLATINUM, PlatinumVirtue has become our quality standard. This standard represents nearly flawless performance, less than 3.4 defects per million products, services and transactions.

Utilizing the principles of PlatinumVirtue, PLATINUM ensures world class quality to virtually every phase of your project:

  Improved customer satisfaction

  Reduced cycle times

  Increased productivity

  Improved capacity and output

  Reduction in total defects

  Increased product reliability

  Decreased work in progress

  Improved process flow

  Consistent and predictable results

 The PlatinumPure Methodology

The goal of every person at PLATINUM is to provide consistent, repeatable services using proven methodologies to minimize risk.

Our PlatinumPure Methodology provides a framework that ensures the best practice, best process, and best tool system solutions, regardless of the technology you choose. PlatinumPure Methodology Kits consist of assessment tools, project management tools and technology delivery tools and instructions that provide the consistency, quality and measurable results demanded throughout the entire PLATINUM organization. We will adequately identify and document your needs, provide a solution to address them and monitor the entire process to insure our deliverables are in alignment with your requirements.

At PLATINUM, PlatinumVirtue quality is the standard. And that can only mean exceptional results for you and your IT project.

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