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About Us


Platinum is a United States based technology services and solutions company which is family owned and operated. We have been serving the US and Canadian markets for over 10 years. Platinum provides strategic consulting, application services, technology solutions and managed services to clientele in all vertical markets. We help customers achieve results by identifying mission critical issues and implementing innovative and customized solutions designed to generate revenue, reduce costs and access the right information at the right time.

As business systems integrators, we align our clients’ business processes and information systems to enable them to access the right information at the right time, empowering them to achieve their desired business results and create substantial value.

Our Philosophy and Core Values

Each person in our organization is responsible for making each other accountable to ensure our customers get the best possible experience.

We are committed in our every intention to show the utmost professionalism and courtesy to all our customers.

We are committed to responding to the needs of those we serve with kindness and empathy.

We constantly strive for superb excellence in everything we do.

Absolute honesty is demanded, no exceptions!

"Day by day, what you choose, what you think, and what you do is who you become. Your integrity is your is the light that guides your way..."

Our Vision:
Platinum will be the first and preferred total technology solution provider in every vertical market we serve, providing superb quality and standard setting excellence in every aspect of our business.

We are here because we truly love what we do, it is deep seated in our soul to truly help customers.

Striving for perfection and nothing less will be excepted.

We believe in treating everyone with the dignity and respect due to them as human beings, affirming the principles of honesty, integrity, openness and good faith.

We strive to our utmost potential to create the most perfect customer experience. It is not only about configuring systems, we actually take the time to understand what you really want and need, and our people make every effort possible to ensure the project.

Mission Statement

PLATINUM(Platinum Systems Specialists, Inc.), is on an endeavor to change the technology services industry, leading by example, striving for excellence with passion, in every aspect of our business. The statement "Universally Rare" will guide our actions and intentions. PLATINUM will be the chosen service and solution provider in every market we serve. PLATINUM will provide superior quality technology services, solutions, support and maintenance to all horizontal and vertical markets.

"Universally Rare"

The phrase "Universally Rare" means "something in the universe which is rarely experienced."

In other words "Universally Rare" is a unique fusion of multiple concepts:

Approach, to business, to our customers, to our partners and to our employees.

Ideals, our relentless quest and dedication to attain perfection and world-class quality in every aspect of our business.

Philosophy and Core Values, letting honesty and integrity guide.

Solutions, offering substantial value, by solving problems with turn-key, end-to-end unique offerings.

Partners, our carefully selected partnerships with many of the global industry leaders.

Customer Experience, based on a customers needs and requirements, we ensure all aspects of our business develop an experience which is unique to each.

Care, every staff member handles each customer with the maximum care along with our "personal touch", so you and your project get the respect and quality you deserve.

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